To be the aloof, drifting Cloud that protects the Family from an independent standpoint, and whom nothing can ever bind.

The cloud guardian of the Vongola.


Strictly following: tonfawieldingcloud


  1.  vongoledecimo said: only shows younger hiba is famous uvu -cuddles muse-
  2.  il-cavallo-rampante said: ((jesus. even when he’s crying, he’s so cute. sorry little kyouya. ; n ;))
  3.  raggsnoouji said: *would get on big brother to rescue him but browsers are all tied up, glomps*))
  4.  namimoriskylark said: i’ll bite them to death for making him cry!


Peeks from the blanket and saw the plenty of herbivores again and went back on hiding in the blanket.

"Nuuu….! Bite chu all to-to-to…TO DEAF!!”